Art can show us where we have been, where we are now, and where we might go. Art can be a call to action. Art can be a catalyst for change.

Listen to a podcast with CEO Guy Abrahams on how arts can shape a discussion about climate change.

ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 will inform, engage and inspire, delivering an expansive and stimulating series of events that can help lead us towards a creative, just and sustainable future.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 takes place and pay our respects to their Elders, past, present, & future.  We also acknowledge the invaluable artistic and cultural legacy of Australia’s Indigenous peoples, who over many thousands of years have engaged with the natural world and its forces through their art, and who have been sustainable stewards of this land.


Thought-provoking keynote presentations and public forums by leading international and Australian artists, scientists and activists. Including Ed Morris (USA), Mel Evans (UK), Alex Kelly, Megan Cope, Amy Spiers.

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Presenting 30 curated exhibitions at leading museums and galleries in Melbourne and regional Victoria, from Shepparton and Geelong to the Yarra Valley. See how art can engage and inspire change.

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Meet curators and artists by joining in a wide range of public programs at participating galleries and museums. Includes artist talks, bike tours, workshops, open studios, panel discussions and more.

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We thank all our Partners for their generous and enthusiastic support and their commitment to action on climate change.

Principal Partner

Bank Australia

As a customer owned bank we see the business of banking a little differently. We believe that banking can create mutual prosperity – for our customers, the communities they live in, and the planet we all live on.

Visit the Bank Australia website here

Principal Knowledge Partner

University of Melbourne

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is a public-spirited institution that makes distinctive contributions to society in research, learning and teaching and engagement.

Visit the University of Melbourne website here

Major Partners

Sustainability Victoria

The Victorian government is dedicated to restoring Victoria’s leadership in climate change and the environment. Join thousands of Victorians already fighting climate change with TAKE2. Pledge to act now and help keep the temperature rise to under two degrees.

Visit the TAKE2 website here

Creative Victoria

Creative Victoria champions and supports the state’s creative industries, spanning arts, culture, screen, design and more.

Visit Creative Victoria here

City of Melbourne

City of Melbourne is committed to climate change action. We are working with the community to ensure Melbourne proactively deals with climate change through different strategies and programs across energy, biodiversity, waste, water management, events and the arts.

Visit the City of Melbourne website here

Ian Potter Museum of Art – The University of Melbourne

Visit the Ian Potter website here

Creative Partnerships Australia

Our goal is to foster a culture of private sector support for the arts in Australia to grow a more sustainable, vibrant and ambitious cultural sector for the benefit of all Australians.

Visit the Creative Partnerships Australia website here

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation (LMCF) has a long and proud history of supporting the community through changing times. Today we are a contemporary organisation, inspiring philanthropy in Melbourne to achieve positive social change.

Visit the LMCF website here 

Billard Leece Partnership

BLP are a group of dynamic architects who work Australia-wide across all sectors. Through partnership, integrity, innovation, creativity and passion, our core values have built a vibrant company culture where people, ideas and success can equally flourish.

Visit the BLP website here

Program Partners

Fondation Cartier

The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain is dedicated to promoting and raising public awareness of contemporary art. Each year, the Fondation Cartier organises a program of exhibitions based on either individual artists or themes, and commissions work from artists, thus enriching an important collection.

Visit the Fondation Cartier website here

City of Port Phillip

Port Phillip is an energetically creative place, welcoming and alive with activity, where all people can participate in and experience the arts and the cultural life of the city.

Visit the City of Port Phillip website here

Consulate General of the United States of America

A Centre for Everything

A Centre for Everything is an independent creative and pedagogical project that engages individuals and communities to learn, create, discuss and eat together. Our collaborative events bring together three diverse topics as performances, presentations, workshops, readings, discussions, critiques, demonstrations and meals.

Visit A Centre for Everything’s website here

Carlton Connect Initiative – The University of Melbourne

Visit the Carlton Connect Initiative website here

Ecocity World Summit

In July 2017 Melbourne will host the Ecocity World Summit. Our focus will be Changing Cities: Resilience and Transformations, highlighting the need to deploy expert knowledge – academic, professional, civic – to make cities resilient in the face of rapid change.

Visit the Ecocity World Summit website here

Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) – The University of Melbourne

Visit the MSSI website here

School of Geography at The University of Melbourne

Visit the School of Geography website here

Purryburry Trust

Purves Environmental Fund

The mission of the Purves Environmental Fund is to advance, primarily through education of individuals and organisations, environmental sustainability and preservation of biodiversity.

Visit the Purves Environmental Fund website here

Media Partners

Assemble Papers

Assemble Papers is a publication for small footprint living, covering art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and financial affairs. From culture and knowledge through to what we eat and buy, Assemble Papers believes that how we live and what we consume matters.

Visit the Assemble Papers website here

Triple R

For 40 years Triple R has shaped and inspired the culture of Melbourne. Since its inception as an educational broadcaster in 1976, Triple R has become Australia’s most influential community radio station with almost 14,000 subscribers and 440,000 listeners per week.

Visit Triple R website here

Community Partners

YIRRAMBOI First Nations Arts Festival

YIRRAMBOI First Nations Arts Festival is a citywide Blakout, gathering creative visionaries from across Victoria, Australia and around the world on the lands of the Kulin, Nairm. A ten day feast of arts and cultural events that honours the visions of yesterday and dreams forward into tomorrow.

Visit the YIRRAMBOI website here

Transitions Film Festival

The Transitions Film Festival is a visionary program dedicated to spotlighting the complex challenges, cutting-edge ideas, creative innovations and mega-trends that are redefining what it means to be human.

Visit the Transitions Film Festival website here


Rybazoid creates videos that tell your story. Our videos build identity and develop culture and brand, communicate customer experience and help organisations share their vision.

Visit Rhybazoid’s Youtube channel here

Public Galleries Association of Victoria

The Public Galleries Association of Victoria (PGAV) is the peak body representing fifty art galleries and art museums across metropolitan and regional Victoria. Our role is to support, develop and promote public galleries in Victoria and within the national context.

Visit the PGAV website here

Museums Australia (Victoria)

We are the Victorian branch of Museums Australia – the national association for the museum and gallery sector.

Visit the Museums Australia (Victoria) website here

Market Forces

Market Forces believes that the banks, superannuation funds and governments that have custody of our money should use it to protect not damage our environment. Our work exposes the institutions that are financing environmentally destructive projects and help Australians hold these institutions accountable. We work with the community to prevent investment in projects that would harm the environment and drive global warming.

Visit the Market Forces website here


GoGet is the cheaper, better and more sustainable alternative to car ownership. By giving you access to a car when you need one, you’re free to ditch your car and walk, cycle and use public transport to get around.

Visit the GoGet website here

Generation Yes

Generation Yes is a growing community from all walks of life saying ‘YES’ to changing climate change. It invites individuals, businesses and community groups to be part of an optimistic and solutions-focused story for Australia, anchored to a credible national plan to achieve net zero emissions.

Visit the Generation Yes website here

Baddaginnie Run Wines

World-class wines from a trusted provenance where healthy vineyards flourish within restored, connected farm landscapes.

Visit Baddaginnie Run website here

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